James Banks McNeil
Gorbals City Of The Dead

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James Banks McNeil
James Banks McNeil (1831-1878) was connected
with boating and swimming in Glasgow during the late 1800’s. He built boats, hired them out and was the originator and first secretary of the City
of Glasgow Regatta Club. At one time he was the contender for the post of officer at the Humane Society House. An able and powerful swimmer
McNeil saved over 70 people from drowning. This
resulted in his recognition by the London Humane
Society, who awarded him their silver medal at the Tontine Hotel, (one of the more splendid buildings
in Trongate during that era and a favourite haunt of
the Tobacco Lords). James Banks McNeil was also a
swimming instructor in both Glasgow and Paisley and was responsible for the building of St Andrew’s Baths in Greendyke Street. This was later converted into a used clothes market and later demolished.
James Banks McNeil
(Eastern Section)
River Clyde before the existing weir was built
(circa 1901)