The following A to Z interments are a small sample of the many burials within the Southern Necropolis.

For further details on additional burials, visit the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, where there are microfilm of some of the original cemetery burial records.


William Alexander-138 Thistle Street(Brth-In-Law of John Wright)-died 1860-aged 39yrs-(Lair 589) Central

Janet Allan-48 Dalmarnock Street, Parkhead(Aunt of James Connelly)-died 1891-aged 90yrs-(Lair 823) Central

John Anderson-19 Crown Street(Proprietor)-died 1871-aged 70yrs-(Lair 1521) Central

Andrew Anderson-303 Thistle Street(Proprietor)-died 1881-aged 70yrs-(Lair 4153) Eastern

Alexander Arnott-90 High Street(Father of Alex Arnott)-died 1852-aged 61years-(Lair 7038) Western

William Adamson-46 Crown Street(Friend of Late Peter White)-died 1853-aged 56yrs-(Lair 7079) Western

William Andrew-7 Wood Lane, Broomielaw(Nephew of William Perry)-died 1853-aged 25yrs-(Lair 8138) Western

Andrew Arnot-117 New Vennel(Husband of Mrs.Arnot)-died 1857-aged 76yrs-(Lair 8754) Western

James Anderson-Barnhill Poorhouse(Friend of Neil Laing)-died 1901-aged 64yrs-(Lair 8799) Western

Andrew Anderson-78 South Wellington Street(Proprietor)-died 1853-aged 44yrs-(Lair 9313) Western

Christopher Allan-Newarthill, by Hamilton(Proprietor)-died 1853-aged 25yrs-(Lair 9345) Western

Archibald Arbuthnot-6 Portugal Street(Proprietor)-died 1857-aged 40yrs-(Lair 9727) Western

William Andrew-43 London Street(Proprietor)-died 1891-aged 61yrs-(Lair 9772) Western

James Angus-298 Argyle Street(Nephew of Mrs Torrance)-died 1853-aged 43yrs-(Lair 10128) Western

Robert Adam-Lindsey Land, Dalmuir(Son of John Adam)-died 1891-aged 57yrs-(Lair 11293) Western

Robert Aitken-82 Rose Street(Proprietor)-died 1857-aged 56yrs-(Lair 11739) Western

Jean Allison-48 Carrick Street(Daugh of Alexander Allison)-died 1853-aged 17yrs-(Lair 11834) Western

John Armour-Castle Street(Friend of Thomas Hunt)-died 1853-aged 36yrs-(Lair 11952) Western

James W Anderson-44 South Portland Street(Broth of Robert Anderson)-died 1852-aged 24yrs-(Lair 12346) Western

Helen Angus-57 Thistle Street-died 1/1/1851-aged 3yrs 6mths-(Lair 256) Central


Michael Bryceland-Main Street(Proprietor)-died 1843-aged 24yrs-(Lair 266) Central

Alex Bilsland-53 Rutherglen Loan(Brth-In-Law of Thomas Parker)-died 1871-aged 56yrs-(Lair 971) Central

Robert Brodie-9 Muirhead Street-died 1841-aged 56yrs-(Lair 1,137) Central

Elizabeth Bowie-10 Dyers Lane(Daugh Of Late William Bowie)-died 1861-aged 60yrs-(Liar 1,603) Central