James Carlisle-54 Dale Street(Proprietor)-died 1842-aged 78yrs-(Lair 938) Central

Robert Clark-Muirhouses(Proprietor)-died 1841-aged 39yrs-(Lair 1,124) Central

Annie T. Coats-82 Dumbarton Road(Grd-Niece-of Mary Downie)-died 1891-aged 29yrs-(Lair 1,716) Central

William Cambell-69 Carrick Street(Son of James)-died 1901-aged 54yrs-(Lair 3,644) Eastern

William Carlyle-59 West Milton Street(Son of William)-died 1871-aged 26yrs-(Lair 4,323) Eastern

Alexander Cameron-4 North Clyde Street, Anderston-died 1853-aged 66yrs-(Lair 7,131) Western

Daniel Campbell-3 McNeil Street(Prop)-died 1853-aged 40yrs-(Lair 7,294) Western

John Cook-Paper Mill, South Woodside Rd.(Fthr of Adam)-died 1853-aged 84yrs-(Lair 7,347) Western

Renwick Clugston-94 Cumberland Street(Frnd of James Lynch)-died 1856-aged 27yrs-(Lair 7,366) Western

David Cree-29 Park Lane, Calton(Proprietor)-died 1852-aged 26yrs-(Lair 7,604) Western

William Clarkston-Pollokshaws-died 18/1/1851-aged 4yrs 6mths-(Lair 918) Central

Isabella Crawford-18 Brown Street-died 17/1/1851-aged 44yrs-(Lair 10430) Central

Mary Carlton-96 Clyde Street-died 31/1/1851-aged 1yr 6mths-(Lair 7045) Eastern

Rachel Campbell-27 King Street-died 14/1/1851-aged 41yrs-(Lair 294) Central

Edward Campbell-29 Dygate Street-died 1/1/1851-aged 2yrs 7mths-(Lair 477) Central

Agnes Campbell-29 Drygate Street-died 2/1/1851-aged 8mths-(Lair 477) Central

William Crawford-87 Union Street-died 13/1/1851-aged 45yrs-(Lair 88) Central

John Cowan-Rundorn, Cheshire, England-died 24/1/1851-aged 45yrs-(Lair 598) Central

George Cunningham-34 Carrick Street-died 9/11/1856-aged 26yrs-(Lair 13049) Western

Hannah Crosher-33 Nelson Street-died 15/1/1857-aged 36yrs-(Lair 25664) Western.