Family History
Linking to our past...

There are three important points in the recording of our family history...




These events are vital in the first level of building up your family tree.

Later if you wish to delve further, you can then turn to searching the many Census Returns that began in 1841

Death certificates are very useful in providing information as they can include the spouse, mother and father of the individual and the informant of the death can also be a family member.

With so many resources available to start you on your quest for your Family Tree it can sometimes seem a difficult task to take on.

The first steps are fairly straightforward ones when you check the details from an early family marriage certificate allowing you to confirm the dates of births of your parents and this in turn leading to the marriage dates of “their” parents etc.

But if you find that you need some help with getting your Tree off and running then contact the website using the link below and I will do my best to help you on your path to your ancestors...

Finding your roots...