Lair Finds & Info. 2009
Loch Fyne-Crarie Quarry Disaster
Terrible disaster that happened on Saturday 28th September 1886 when an invited group from Glasgow Corporation fell victim to the sulphurous fumes from an explosion.
The public funeral of both Bailie Young and Councillor Duncan took place in Glasgow, and the service was followed by the interment at the Southern Necropolis.
(sixty carriages in the procession)

Julia Kenny at Central Section.
During her recent visit to the Southern Necropolis, Julia was delighted to be taken to one of the lairs of her ancestors, and as luck would have it, a headstone was standing proud in place.
Respect at the Franciscan Circle
Nice to see on a recent visit that there is still a sense of respect from visitors leaving flowers and candles at the Franciscan re-interment site.
Cathy`s Family Link to Lair 1515
Cathy and her husband Bill came over from Canada this year and have been long time friends of the Southern Necropolis with Cathy having ancestors in the Central Section (lair 1515)