Gorbals City Of The Dead

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SS Trinacria
To the far right area of the western section lies the headstone of William Hudson Birrell who drowned on board the SS TRINACRIA that sank off the coast of Spain (8th February 1893). The steamship itself was built in the year 1871 by Robert Duncan & Company of Port Glasgow with her maiden voyage under ownership of the Anchor Line in September of that year, during her career sailing numerous trips to destinations including Liverpool to Bombay, London to Boston and 28 round voyages via the Glasgow, Mediterranean, New York route (average travelling time of 24 days) carrying many people, some of whom were setting out for new lives across the ocean. Sadly William H. Birrell became one of the 34 people who lost their lives to the sea when the SS TRINACRIA was wrecked North East of Cape Villano in Spain. The ship had left Greenock on Feb.2nd 1893 with 4 passengers and 37 crew heading for the Mediterranean with Gibraltar the first port of call. With rough seas and poor visibility the ship was grounded 4 miles from the Cape Vilano lighthouse, later capsizing from a massive burst of sea, collapsing the funnels and ventilators onto the ship. Now, there are many unexplained happenings that I have experienced while researching the Southern Necropolis, some of which you could well put down to coincidence, but some have still managed to curl ye old hairs on the back of my neck (yes..even I can get spooked!) After finding the headstone of William H. Birell
I decided to walk further along the same row, I could have went any other way into the cemetery, but to my surprise within seven headstones I discovered the monument for none other than Captain Samuel B Murray of....yes you've guessed it...the SS TRINACRIA. Both men who tragically suffered the same fate now sharing the same final resting place.