Gorbals City Of The Dead

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Masirah Massacre
The McNair monument in the central section of the cemetery leads us into a tragic chapter in the families life with the death of their son William. The steamship “Baron Innerdale” was on route loaded with grain and timber from Karachi to Liverpool. The ship ran aground at Hallaniyah, largest island of the Kuria Muria. After three days the captain gave the order to abandon ship, using the two available lifeboats (eight crew members left on board), three days later the ship was located by the SS Prome and the remaining crew were taken off. Having been re-floated, the Baron Innerdale then made it to Bombay. The search continued in vain for the smaller of the lifeboats, which was never seen again. The captain and seventeen crew made it to Masirah, where it is believed that a fight ensued between the crew and the locals, resulting in the massacre of all the crew, with the exception of one young boy.
Word soon spread about the incident and there was an investigation by  “Sultan Faisal” revealing evidence that resulted in the trial of a number of locals, who were found guilty and shot at the site of the massacre.

The monument was built in 1943 near to the site.
William Colquhoun
(died at the Masirah Massacre 1904)
Masirah Monument